Support People in Need

With over 7.5 Billion we all boarded as travellers on a single spaceship called Planet Earth. We had no influence on our gender, LGBTQ, racial background or otherwise. Neither did we had any influence on which part of the spaceship we where born and the conditions and facilities available. We do have an obligation to […]

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Protect Wildlife

Earth has supported life for 3.5 billion years, but its hospitality is hardly consistent. Natural disasters have triggered at least five mass extinctions in the past 500 million years, each of which wiped out between 50 and 90 percent of all species on the planet. Now we experience the 6th but this is the first one […]

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Preserve Nature

On a lot of transportation means you don’t have the chance to go outside and enjoy nature while traveling. On planet Earth we can! Downside it that nature is suffering. Not very smart since humanity is dependent on nature to survive and keep our spaceship in a good condition for our travels. I would like to […]

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